We accept AMEX and Visa/MC, Travelers Cheques ($US with Picture ID) or cash on delivery. There are NO SURCHARGES on any Payment Method, and PRICES are the SAME when using ALL methods.

For card payments you may include the information with the order or give it to us on delivery, or you may Fax it in at 284-494-1121 or call it in at 284-494-2189.

**Please note that we never process card payments until time of delivery and your full satisfaction and authorization.

For credit card info, we need card type, name of account, account/card number, and expiration date.

Also we need you to double check with your card company that manual charges can be made to your card and if there are any security blocks (for AMEX especially) and/or ceiling value when making charges in our area. (e.g.. some cards may have $250 ceiling which means that we will have to put through charges in increments of $250 or less, and some companies have restrictions on Card Charges Outside of the USA or other Mainland especially if you do not travel often).

**for Credit Card payments we prefer the information before delivery as we have trouble with online processing of some cards at the time of delivery. This will give you time to call your card company if needed. We will NOT hand over provisions if Credit Card Authorization is not received at time of delivery. **


We try to keep our on-line Static Price Lists up to date. Prices are subject to change without notice. All orders are processed at our Computerized Scanning POS System at the time of delivery and the final amount rung up then is what is finally billed to you. Apart from the usual volatility in Fresh Produce, prices are pretty stable.

Fresh Meats

We always have fresh stock of local and imported meats.

Wines and Liquors

We Offer the Finest Selection of Wines and Liquors from around the world!

No Surcharges!

We accept AMEX and Visa, Master Card, Travelers Cheques ($US with Picture ID) or cash on delivery.